Coming soon...Our custom-built, climate-controlled, and spacious indoor doggie rooms with kuranda beds and blankets.  Each room will have access to a connected outdoor and fully enclosed private patio for greater freedom and mental stimulation.


During your k9 friend’s stay, they get to visit one of our four ¼ acre play yards that are fully enclosed so your pooch can enjoy off-leash freedom adventures.  From the splash pools to the trusted tennis ball; we have something to entice every dog. 

Want Fido sparkling clean and smelling fresh when you pick him up?

No problem. We would love to bathe and blow dry your furry pal. 


              to let us know what you would like before pickup.


We use quality ingredients we put together that won’t irritate the skin. 


After daytime fun, your exhausted and happy pupper will relax on a kuranda bed with a treat

We are cat lovers 

Your feline friend will adore our climate-controlled and fully separate cat house that is designed for kitty comfort and enrichment in mind. Each suite comes with a multi-level bungalow that lowers stress and maximizes relaxation. We offer fresh catnip, water fountains, calming scents, soft beds, and private litter boxes. 

Interactive toys are always available. The curious, the adventurous,

or the shy; we offer a positive experience for every cat.

We encourage owners to bring their pet's favorite food with them for their

stay to avoid any chance of diet-related issues. We are happy to provide

high quality and easy to digest food in the event that you are unable

to bring their normal meals. 

Please let us know of any food allergies your pet may have.

A $2.00 per pet per meal charge will apply. 

Does your pet require medications? We are more than happy to administer

them to your pet at no additional charge (If an additional set of hands is needed

to medicate, a $2.00 fee will apply - this includes insulin injections).


We use high quality foods and ingredients